Data Protection

Personal data is the new oil and became an essential value for each enterprise. Hence, also the legislators took this into account by installing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and updated the German Federal Act on Data Protection (“Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” – BDSG).

We already supported a wide range of clients with our counsel and broad expertise in that field. Our approach stresses a long-term advice: Data protection must be implemented across the whole company and ongoing changes, judgments and new regulations of IT providers require regular checks and updates of information, processes and documents.

Among others, human resources and recruiting call for a due diligence and adaption of the GDPR rules. Moreover, clients contact us with respect to any kind of marketing measures. Improvisation can get expensive keeping in mind the sanctions of the GDPR of up to 4 million Euros. Loss of data and reputation may be the additional unpleasant consequences comparing to material damages.

However, if you are in the situation that you are supposed to have acted in breach of the law: We stand with you. We are in permanent touch with various data protection authorities and will represent you before and out of court towards such authorities, consumer protection authorities, competitors, consumers and/or customers.

We solve your data protection problems with a smart and pragmatic approach, no matter if you require a complete data protection check on-site, drafting and checking of your records of processing activities, your compliant online presence or joint control. With our offices in Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover and Osnabrueck, we always have the right advisor for your matters of concern.