Schindhelm's tax law experts proactively advise domestic and foreign companies of all sizes, sectors and legal forms as well as private individuals on all issues of national and international tax law. One focus of our work is tax structuring and planning, in particular for M&A transactions, corporate restructuring, reorganisation and succession. We support you in all tax-related issues, both when setting up a company and in all important decisions during ongoing operations. From daily business to complex (international) tax consulting issues - we offer you support exactly where you need it and develop future-oriented solutions for your sustainable business success.

Our services

  • Tax litigation: representation at proceedings, controls: Full substitution of the client in proceedings conducted by the authorities and courts, including, for example, participation in the ongoing activities (hearings, inspections) or drafting appeals, complaints.
  • Preparation to tax control, defense file: Preparing clients for audits conducted by tax authorities - for example, in terms of the ongoing justification of their actions, documenting them appropriately and in accordance with the requirements of the authorities' practice, and identifying potential tax risks.
  • Tax compliance: declarations, SAF-T: Ongoing analysis of the correctness of the fulfillment of tax and accounting obligations of clients (including in the preparation of statements, reports and declarations), fulfillment of these obligations on behalf of the client and assistance to clients in this regard.
  • Accounting: Keeping accounting and tax books, preparing financial statements, keeping records of business assets, fulfilling reporting obligations.
  • Reorganizations, M&A: Planning and carrying out mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations - identifying the risks, tax implications and benefits associated with these activities.
  • Information obligations: MDR, tax strategy, other       Fulfillment of information obligations related to the reporting of the performance of activities affecting the taxation of clients to the tax administration.
  • Transfer pricing: Advising on transactions between related parties, drafting guidelines for determining the terms of cooperation between such entities, preparing transfer pricing policies and preparing transfer pricing documentation.
  • Tax reviews, due diligence: Analysis of the correctness of the client's actions in terms of tax law, identification of risks associated with challenging his actions by the tax authorities and identification of recommendations aimed at minimizing these risks.
  • Tax trainings: Conducting trainings, lectures and conferences related to tax law, explaining of the current regulations and how they are applied.
  • Tax at employment: Advice on the impact of taxes and social security contributions on the situation and income of employees, analysis of the possibility to apply certain forms of employment and their consequences.
  • Applications for tax rulings: Applying on behalf of the client for official confirmation of the correctness of the presented view and possibly conducting a dispute in this regard.
  • Annual and consolidated financial statement auditing (HGB, IAS and US-GAAP): Preparing an audit of clients' financial statements for accuracy and reliability.