Inheritance Law / Estate Planning

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a wealthy private individual – we advise you not only on passing on your own assets to the next generation, but also on the distribution of inherited assets among the beneficiaries.

Taking into account your specific personal and commercial circumstances, we draw up wills and inheritance contracts for you. In the process, we keep a close eye on not only the rights of any beneficiaries to a statutory part but also the fiscal consequences of the transfers of assets.

Should you yourself be entitled to rights from an inheritance, we will support you in the enforcement of your claims as an heir, legatee, or beneficiary of a charge or statutory part. We would also be pleased to advise you on your rights and obligations as an executor of a will, in particular within the framework of disputes among joint heirs.

Together with our foreign colleagues, we also provide you with comprehensive advice on international inheritance and estate planning.

The focal areas of consulting include, among others:

  • Consulting with regard to inheritance, family, company and tax law before and after the inheritance case
  • Property succession planning with domestic and foreign assets
  • Corporate succession planning with domestic and foreign assets
  • Formulation of wills and inheritance agreements
  • Formulation of inheritance and statutory part waivers
  • Disputes involving communities of heirs
  • Statutory part law
  • Appeal against last will or testament
  • Certificate of inheritance proceedings
  • Enforcement of testament
  • Transfer of assets as part of accelerated inheritance succession
  • Inheritance and endowment tax law