Dialogue with a former "Cartel Member“

Seminar, Linz, 14.03.2019 08:00



Dr Christina Hummer, Solicitor, Belgium
Dr Roland Heinrich, Attorney at Law, Austria


Lecturer from SCWP Schindhelm:
Christina Hummer, Lawyer
Roland Heinrich, Lawyer

SCWP Schindhelm
Böhmerwaldstraße 14
4020 Linz

Thursday, 14 March 2019, from 08:00 a.m.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, compliance has found its way into almost every field of law.

Cartel violations are being handled and punished more and more rigorously by the competition authorities. This makes antitrust compliance increasingly important for companies. Above all, due to the diversity of behaviours and agreements that are already cartels, it is very difficult to assess what is still legal today.

How can compliance ensure that there are no cartel corpses or black sheep in your company. If it does, what about directors' liability, employees' liability, recourse against employees, statute of limitations, etc.?

Learn from the experience of SCWP Schindhelm's antitrust and labour law experts as well as from the experience of a former antitrust agent.

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