Investments in Romania

Romania has developed into an attractive business location for foreign companies. Schindhelm recognised this development early on and has already been present in Bucharest since 2006 with its own office. The German-Romanian team helps not only domestic companies wishing to operate in the Romanian market, but also Romanian companies who are interested in entering the market in Germany or other countries represented by our cooperation partners.

The investment support we offer includes identifying the type of market entry, for instance through the acquisition of a holding, of an entire company or the foundation of a new company. Together with you, we will identify the most suitable company form or form of transaction for carrying out this operation, as well as identifying solutions, together with you, for making the investment and ensuring its sustainability.

Our holistic consultancy service includes providing support with the entire market entry and an analysis of the country-specific requirements to be fulfilled. Our team prepares the relative documents on-site and also obtains any necessary permits. Naturally, we assist you with contractual negotiations, as necessary, and conduct due diligence audits.

Our clients are as varied as a company’s reasons for investing abroad are. We provide consultancy to both international corporations and medium-sized companies.

Ms Cristina Dumitru also works as a translator and interpreter at our Bucharest location.

The focus areas of our range of consulting services are:

  • foundations of companies in all legal forms
  • assistance with the acquisition and sale of companies (asset and share deals)
  • due diligence analysis of companies and real estate
  • formulation of contracts in connection with the financing of investments
  • real estate law and land registry law
  • identification of the necessary permits from authorities, preparation of the documents to be submit-ted
  • issue of general expert opinions on location analysis
  • assistance with contractual negotiations
  • support with the selection of locations