Innovations are among the decisive motors for growth and business success. But how can you protect and use innovations in the long term?


Labour law is as diverse as everyday business life in your company. Out team provides you with comprehensive advice in the field of individual and collective labour law.

Corporate / M&A

The corporate landscape in Europe is in motion. There are diverse reasons for this. The financial and economic crisis as well as strategic challenges.


When the Member States of the EU procure products and services, a gigantic market is set in motion. Clients and contractors require more than just special consulting.

Banking and Finance

The spotlight continues to be on the international financial markets. New regulatory measures are being discussed and decided. The financing structures are also undergoing further dynamic development.

Plant Engineering

Schindhelm provides you with comprehensive support in the realisation of national and international projects in the field of plant engineering.

Real Estate

A highly complex field: Consulting with regard to real estate law requires a broad range of legal and commercial know-how.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Corporate crises frequently demand drastic, rapid and often also painful restructuring measures from a commercial and legal perspective. However, it is also about discovering new prospects and opportunities.

Antitrust / Sales

Cartel law as the law against restrictions on competition has rapidly gained in importance over the last few years at European and national level. It is therefore all the more important to recognise cartel law risks with foresightedness and to avoid them with suitable preventive measures.

Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Nobody likes to be involved in disputes. Our specialists have many years of experience and superb expertise in the averting and enforcement of all disputed claims. Consequently, we know what is important when a dispute has arisen.

Commercial Criminal Law / Compliance

Today, more than ever, entrepreneurial activity harbours the risk of coming under the spotlight of the state prosecutor's office, tax fraud investigations teams or other investigative authorities.

Investments in Romania

Romania has developed into an attractive business location for foreign companies. We advise domestic companies who are planning activities on the Romanian market as well as Romanian companies who are interested in entering local markets.

Investments in China

China is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. This dynamism offers excellent business opportunities for foreign companies. We advise domestic companies who are planning activities on the Chinese market as well as Chinese companies who are interested in entering local markets.

Schindhelm Short Films

Some situations in life require to make an important decision. To decide such key moments in your favour, you need experienced and creative specialists by your side.

Take a look at such moments in the Schindhem Short Films.

Opening Schindhelm Office Taicang, China

The German Centre Taicang and the Schindhelm Office Taicang have been opened on 2nd June 2016 in a ceremony which high ranking representatives of the province Jiangsu, the city of Taicang, the German Counsel General as well as a large number of guest have attended. Schindhelm Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft has been represented by the partners Dr. Bernhard Heringhaus, Matthias Kirsch and Rüdiger Erfurt, while the Schindhelm-Partners from Spain, Mr. Fernando Lozano, as well as from Poland, Mr. Konrad Schampera, also attended. Please look here for Details.

New at Schindhelm: Strong Network in Asia

By way of the newly established Asia Network we offer profound legal advice in Asia with reliable and competent local partners. Therefore, our Asian engagement which commenced in 2010 by setting-up our Asia Desk (previously China Desk) and the Shanghai Office has now been broadened and strengthened.

Schindhelm’s Shelf Companies

Are you stuck in the middle of a transaction, reorganization or restructuring and you need a shelf company urgently – or do you want to establish a subsidiary quick and easy? Schindhelm has shelf companies of all common legal forms available. Please look here for Details.

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